Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The meanwhile project:

An inspiring project I came across today.

Meanwhile is a philosophy, a policy and a programme of work.

“Curtsey while you’re thinking what to say, it saves time” – Alice Through the Looking Glass

As a philosophy Meanwhile is based on the belief that empty properties spoil town centres, destroy economic and social value, and waste resources that we cannot afford to leave idle. Vibrant interim uses led by local communities will benefit existing shops, as well as the wider town centre, through increased footfall, bringing life back to the high street and making better use of resources overall.

These views echo our thoughts here at uncommonly beautiful, and we would hope to get involved with meanwhile in the future. Seeing their space in Whitechapel was a definite highlight to the day. It allows anyone to get involved creatively and learn new skills, making use of things that are broken or in need of some TLC. With a variety of projects on offer, they make use of what was an abandoned building!

Another project to admire is Growing Place (E16, Canning Town, London)

The site in Canning Town has been offered by the Canning Town and Custom House Regeneration Programme as part of their regeneration strategy for vacant land. It will eventually become the new town centre when it is developed in 2012, but in the meantime it provides a space for fruit, vegetables, cultural events and workshops.

Check out the before and after:

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hinge collection

Me and kirsty have finished our new hinge collection, more to come next week with summer brights! See everything we've been up to this week at: