Tuesday, 21 November 2006

dreams and ideas

In a fast pace city ever moving, changing, shifting, with the need to succeed grow and develop we are forced to consume. We want too much, we own too much, we consume too much. I feel we have too many objects, things, cluttering up our world and heads desiring beauty and individuality.. In a response to this I attempt to slow us down,look around ourselves and open our own eyes. Value what materials and objects already exists. I regain, reuse, reinvent to tame some needs and desires. I construct uncommonly beautiful accessories from our unwanted waste: A three legged chair, a luggage suitcase, a'dated' dress and an odd button found in the street into thought provoking fashion accessories. I deconstruct these materials and reinvent then into new products. Using textile processes and finishings onto industrial materials like wood and vinyl forever contrasting with techniques and appearances. Inspired by traditional craft and driven by materials. Create modern precious embroideries.

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