Tuesday, 21 November 2006

necklace collection 06/07

red leather shattered star necklace with repaired mixed necklaces and leather waste off cuts from upholstery factory.

dark red vinyl suitcase necklace broken silver chains © copyright kirsty kirkpatrick 2006

blue vinyl suitcase necklace gold chain ©

from : "biscuit box vinyl suitcase collection" bracelet ©

a collection of necklaces that interact with the wearer and become extensions of garments.
made from vinyl suitcases and discarded wooden boxes, deconstructed and reworked with broken chains into beautiful new precious identities.
© copyright kirsty kirkpatrick 2006


Edward said...

Hot stuff! Where can I buy it?

kirsty kirkpatrick said...

info@kirstykirkpatrick.com for prices.

Leonora said...

I love my new bracelet – it's one of those pieces that everyone asks about when I wear it.

my friend loved the ring I bought her, too.

can't wait to see the new collection!

thanks, leonora